Friday, April 21, 2006

I may go by many names like:

Shell Bell


Smelly Shelly

Beautiful Aunt Shelly

Beautiful Sister Paul

Beautiful Miss Shelly

But, there is nothing I have enjoyed more than being called Cinco's Sister!!!!!!

Cinco is always there to carry me through the difficult times in my life!

Cinco lets his children call me Beautiful Aunt Shelly to boost my self esteem!

Cinco is a great Uncle to my children!

This is the initial reading of "The Boy and the Frog"!

Cinco has always let me be in his movies and sometimes he gives me the lead role!

This is a rare photo from Cinco's first movie ever made called "Wackey Skaters" (I am in the blue velvet pantsuit)

Sometimes Cinco lets me be the center of attention and won't interfere with my shining moments!

Cinco has always been happy for me and has never been afraid to show it!

Cinco cheers me up when I am down!

Cinco is VERY strong and has protected me all of my life.

He has always had 2 VIP passes to the gun show!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Cinco is VERY talented.